ELD EXCHANGE – Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the purchase of this EZ-ELD Exchange product  (device(s) plus 3 x 1 month subscription(s) bundle) ONLY. 

If you have any questions about this program, please call us on 833-994-3953 or email eldsupport@stoneridge.com.

  • Customer must purchase new Stoneridge EZ-ELD device(s) and subscription(s) directly from Stoneridge online through this page on the website www.ez-eld.com using promo code ELD-EXCHANGE between April 25, 2018 and July 24, 2018. Prior or later purchases do not qualify.
  • Each traded-in ELD must be a non-Stoneridge ELD.
  • Each traded-in ELD must have been actively used by customer in North America within the 90 days prior to purchase of the Stoneridge EZ-ELD. ELDs used by others during that period are ineligible as trade-ins.
  • Customer must pack each traded-in ELD in commercially reasonable packaging adequate to protect each traded-in ELD to Stoneridge.
  • The Title to each traded-in ELD will transfer to Stoneridge upon acceptance by Stoneridge at Stoneridge’s facility.
  • Customer must pay all shipping charges for each traded-in ELD and deliver packaged ELD to the shipper for delivery to Stoneridge. Stoneridge will not accept any FOB origin, COD shipments or portage-due shipments.
  • Each traded-in ELD must arrive at Stoneridge’s facility within the 60-day period. The time cutoff is for delivery, not shipment. Any expedited shipping is the customer’s responsibility.
  • The contact, shipping, and other information on the claim form must match the information given for the purchase of the new Stoneridge EZ-ELD. Stoneridge is not responsible for differences that make it difficult or impossible to match returns with purchases.
  • Stoneridge may return to the customer, at the customer’s expense, any ELD not timely received or that otherwise fails to qualify for this program.
  • Risk of loss of any traded-in ELD remains with the customer until the traded-in ELD arrives at Stoneridge’s dock (or, in the case of an untimely arrival or other rejection by Stoneridge according to these terms, until the ELD arrives back at customer’s location).
  • If Stoneridge returns a non-qualifying traded-in ELD, Stoneridge may return such non-qualifying traded-in ELD to the origin shipping address or the address on the claim form at Stoneridge’s option.
  • This program is only available in North America. The origin shipping address for traded-in ELDs and the mailing address on the claim form must both be in North America. 
  • Stoneridge will not be responsible for correcting submission errors on the claim form. 
  • Stoneridge reserves the right to modify or suspend this program at any time with notice reasonably calculated to be available to customers (such as, but not limited to, on one or more of Stoneridge’s websites.
  • Stoneridge reserves the right to limit the number of trade-in units accepted.
  • This program is not valid with any other Stoneridge-sponsored promotional program.
  • If customer fails to timely ship and deliver any traded-in ELD, Stoneridge may freeze or otherwise disable the customer’s Stoneridge EZ-ELD account until, at Stoneridge’s option, customer delivers the traded-in ELD or pays the difference between the price paid for the Stoneridge EX-ELD and the then-current retail price of the Stoneridge EZ-ELD. 
  • Customer represents and warrants that each traded-in ELD and each newly-purchased Stoneridge EZ-ELD have been used, or will be used, only for commercial purposes and not consumer or household purposes. 
  • Return by customer of a newly-purchased Stoneridge EZ-ELD must be solely for failure of the Stoneridge EZ-ELD to conform to its warranty, in which case Stoneridge will give to customer the warranty remedy, if any, provided with the Stoneridge EZ-ELD.
  • Stoneridge may, but need not, accept returns of Stoneridge EZ-ELD® for reasons other than failure to conform with the Stoneridge EZ-ELD® warranty. If Sotoneridge accepts such a return, Stoneridge will refund only the purchase price paid and need not return the traded-in ELD or provide a replacement for the traded-in ELD.