Promotion – FREE LG Tablet

Arete Long

Get a FREE LG tablet when you join a new line of Sprint service – the ideal partner for the Stoneridge EZ-ELD®

For those looking for a Bring Your Own Device for use with the EZ-ELD®, we have partnered with Arete Technology to offer a FREE TABLET when signing up for the following Sprint tablet data plans:

  • $15/mo 1 GB
  • $20/mo Unlimited data (requires handset)

Please note: The EZ-ELD® device alone is estimated to consume up to 60MB of data for 24/7 operations. Additional data consumption will apply for tracking, IFTA data upload activity, app download and updates, document uploads and document updates. Stoneridge is not offering this as a data provider, simply as a good partner to get you connected to a reliable, low-cost data alternative.

Register for a device and service at or call 1-800-609-9061.