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Question EZ-ELD™ Other Providers
How much does the hardware cost? $169
How much are the additional connectors?
What happens if you change vehicle and OBD port e.g. 6pin to a 9pin? Or if you need an extension cable to mount on dash?
$0 The EZ-ELD™ comes with free of charge interchangeable connectors (6pin, 9pin, OBDII) in box with a dashboard extension cable.
How much is the yearly software subscription? $150 $15 per month or $150 yearly subscription including 2 months free.
How much is the IFTA functionality per year? $0 The EZ-ELD™ software subscription includes IFTA reports so there are no hidden charges.
How much does it cost over 3 years? $619* *Based on annual subscription including interchangeable connectors, IFTA reporting free of charge and no contract.
What are the contract terms? Pay as you go
How much dongle memory is there, for storing logs when there is no mobile signal? 6 months Only 8 days visible to enforcement
Is the system independently validated by an industry recognized third party expert? Yes
Is it FMCSA approved? Yes
Can the dongle be upgraded remotely? Yes
Are engine gauges shown on mobile app? Yes
Can it capture documents and share? Yes
Is DVIR on Mobile App and free of charge? Yes
Driver Messaging to/from back office? Yes
Canadian IFTA included? Yes
Total Cost over 3 years $619