About Subscriptions

Our EZ-ELD system is 2 products working together: the hardware device for your truck plus an annual or monthly software subscription.

The subscription means you can view your files via the App or Back Office software. You need one device and one subscription for each truck in your fleet.

There are two types of subscription to choose from:

Monthly  Subscription

This is $15 per month for each device, and runs continually until you decide to cancel  it. 

The recurring payment comes from your credit card or account on the same date each month.

Annual  Subscription

This is only $150 per year, which is 12 months for the price of 10. This makes the price of the EZ-ELD device plus the software only $319 for the first year, and $150 for each year after that. This subscription is automatically renewed every year.

Mobile Data Traffic

We estimate that for 24/7 operation of one truck that you will use approximately 20 MB of data per month for our Hours of Service logging & vehicle tracking features. Please note that for document capture and transfer to the Back Office the cellular data used will be additional and based on the size & frequency of those documents sent.

If you need help deciding which subscription is best for you, try our Ready Reckoner to compare it with other providers or contact us.

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