For Drivers

Using EZ-ELD is easy.  

Plug the device into the OBD  port, which works with a 9-pin, 6-pin or OBDII connection.

Then download the App (available for Android or iPhone), set up an account, and pair up with the device using our Scan and Drive, QR code technology. Once the App is installed and paired, you are ready to drive.  

Watch Ray Kirkland, a professional truck driver of 25 years, demonstrate how easy it is to use EZ-ELD.

  • Share logs with dispatch via email, or automatically using the Back Office software
  • Connects with fleet office when WiFi is available
  • GPS Positioning
  • Enter other working activities not automatically recorded such as Yard Duty
  • Covers co-drivers
  • Instant messaging back to base (when mobile data/WiFi available)
  • Edit logs you need to
  • Quick data transfer to Enforcement Officers via WiFi, Webservice or email
  • FMCSA-certified.

The EZ-ELD has a countdown feature to let you know how much driving you have left before you need to stop. It’s the driver decision support tool every driver needs.




Product Feature


Easy to use driver apps

Free software apps for iPhones and Android.
Easy to use, easy to install.

Easy driver
account set up

The driver account is created in the Back Office software,
and then securely pulled down  into the
driver’s smartphone via the App.

Driver and vehicle
data transfer

Creates driver and vehicle timelines to report back
on vehicle status and HOS.
The data is transferred over WiFi or by email to the
back office software.

GPS positioning

Records the vehicle location using GPS.

Crash data reporting

Automatically reads this data  from the device  
and records it in the EZ-ELD App.

Manual entries

Ability to enter working activities not automatically
recorded by the EZ-ELD (like Yard Duty).

Multi-manning / co-drivers

Can be used by more than one driver. The co-driver who is not driving can also enter records into the EZ-ELD.

Driver duty status

The driver can select the required duty status.

HOS  updates

HOS updates pushed to the App from the Back Office software.

Simple data transfer to Enforcement

Quick, easy data transfer to Enforcement Officers
via WiFi or email (as specified by the ELD Mandate).

Ability  to edit
ELD records  

Original records will be saved, but copies
can be changed by the driver.
Both records are saved in the EZ-ELD and then
transferred to the Back Office.

Amend individual
Duty Records

The driver can change Duty Records.

Manual entry of vehicle  location

The driver can manually change the location.

Real time update of
available drive time

Real time update of available drive time / summary of rest etc. (Driver Decision Support functionality)
plus a graphical RODS display.

Driver Vehicle
Inspection Reports

Pre and post journey inspection reporting.