What is an Electronic Logging Device?

ELD stands for “Electronic Logging Device“.

This is a piece of FMCSA-certified electronic hardware that records commercial vehicle driving hours.  The ELD also enables the driver to  monitor their current status, and logs can  be printed out as  required by DOT Enforcement Inspectors.  (DOT stands for “Department of Transport“).

Electronic logging devices have been referred to as Automatic On-board Recorders (AOBRDs) and Electronic On-board Recorders (EOBRs). These devices mainly  electronically record a driver’s activity in order to log their Hours of Service (HOS), also called “Record of Driver Status”  or RODS. “ELD” is now the preferred term for these devices.

ELDs, including  the EZ-ELD, are connected to back-office fleet management software which can submit real-time driving logs back to base.

All ELDs which record HOS must be FMCSA-certified. The ELD Mandate means  that all commercial vehicles will need to be fitted with an ELD that replaces their paper log book.