Useful Downloads

Driver Apps

EZ-ELD Android App

EZ-ELD Apple iOS App.


Driver Guides

EZ-ELD Driver Quick Start Guide (English, PDF, 1.2MB) 

EZ-ELD Quick Guide – Spanish (Spanish, PDF, 1.2MB)

EZ-ELD Quick Guide – French (French, PDF, 1.2MB) 

EZ-ELD Quick Guide – Punjabi (Punjabi, PDF, 1.2MB) 

EZ-ELD Driver User Manual (English, PDF, 2.5MB)

EZ-ELD Driver Manual – Spanish (Spanish, PDF, 2.5MB)

EZ-ELD Driver Manual – French (French, PDF, 2.5MB)

EZ-ELD Driver Manual – Punjabi (Punjabi, PDF, 2.5MB)

EZ-ELD Error and Malfunction Guide (English, PDF, 2MB) 


Roadside Inspection*

CVSA Inspection Bulletin for ELDs  (English, PDF, 1.5MB)

Backoffice Guides

EZ-ELD Backoffice Guide – Getting Started (English, PDF, 1.3MB)

EZ-ELD Backoffice User Guide (English, PDF, 2.5MB) 

External Guides*

DOT: Interstate Driver’s Guide to HOS (English, PDF, 0.8MB)

FMCSA: FAQs on Electronic Logging Devices and Hours of Service (English, PDF, 0.5MB)

External Report*

Stoneridge Electronic Logging Device Self-Certification Review (English, PDF, 0.45MB)

by ex-FMCSA Administrator Anette Sandberg & Jerad Childress of Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary


*Stoneridge are in no way responsible for the contents or format of guides produced by external agencies/companies. You download them at your own risk.