Firmware Update

Instructions for upgrading the EZ-ELD firmware.

Please download our handy upgrade firmware flyer with screenshots, or follow the instructions below.


• Park your vehicle in a safe location.
• Ensure that there is power to your EZ-ELD (indicated by yellow LED light on device).
• Download the EZ-ELD Update application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
• Close any other applications running on the phone or tablet including the
main EZ-ELD application.
• Make sure the phone battery is more than 50% or connected to an external power source.
• Have access to the six-digit BT PIN number, which can be found on the EZ-ELD, on the QR code sticker, or on the back cover (bottom-right corner) of the driver user manual included in the box.
• The update process must not be interrupted until it is finished. You will know the process is finished after the EZ-ELD restarts and the LED light is yellow.


1. Open the EZ-ELD Update application and choose “Scan Devices” if your EZ-ELD is not already shown on the list.

2. Press the red Connect button on the application and follow the on-screen

3. Enter the six-digit BT PIN number if requested by the application (please note: if the phone is already paired with the EZ-ELD, this screen will not appear).

4. The update process will then start and must not be interrupted

The update progress is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the application.  The process takes approximately five minutes on Android devices and about 20 minutes on iOS devices (please note: the download counter may slow down and stay at the same percentage for a few seconds — this behavior is normal).

The EZ-ELD will automatically restart and you will know that the process is complete when you see the yellow LED light on the device.

If you need a hard copy, please download our handy flyer with screenshots.