Account setup

Setting up your EZ-ELD account

Invitation Email

The System Administrator or the Authorized Support Personnel who administers the Back Office System needs to send an ‘Invitation Email’ to each driver using an EZ-ELD. This is a security measure to ensure that only authorized drivers join your Company’s ELD system.

This email contains an invitation key which is a unique access code that you must enter to start the set up of your own, individual, user account.

Accepting the invitation & setting up your username/password

  1. Pair and connect the device.
  3. Type or COPY & PASTE the invitation key from the Fleet Manager email into the indicated field.  
  4. Tap JOIN.
  5. Fill in all required fields to register (user name, password, confirm password etc.) and tap SAVE. Your email address must match the one used in the email invitation from your Fleet Manager.
  6. To add a picture to your account, tap on the camera icon and choose “Camera” or “Gallery”. Select your picture.
  7. To add an electronic signature, tap SIGNATURE underneath the “Confirm Password” box. 
  8. Use your finger, or a stylus, to write your signature in the white box.  Tap SAVE SIGNATURE. If you need to change it, tap CLEAR PAD and start again. You can change the signature later if necessary.
  9. You are now set up. 
  10. After this, you will be automatically logged in.