How to pair

How to Pair your Smartphone/Tablet with EZ-ELD

  1. Once you have downloaded the App from the Google Play or App Store, launch the EZ-ELD App by tapping the EZ-ELD icon on your phone or tablet.
  2. Bluetooth will turn on automatically.
  3. Allow the App to access the device.
  4. The LED light on the device should be yellow. This shows that the EZ-ELD device is not yet paired or connected.
  6. Enable GPS if asked.
  7. If your screen shows “No Device Available”, please make sure that the EZ-ELD device is connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic port, and powered on so it can be found by the App.
  8. The EZ-ELD device will then appear on the screen.  Tap to select it.
  9. If you have more than one device in range, then please select the device that you want to pair with by checking the PIN number shown on the EZ-ELD device label.
  10. You will be asked to name your EZ-ELD device. This name will be assigned to the EZ-ELD so you can recognize it easily in future.
  11. Tap on PAIR AND CONNECT. You will be prompted to press the EZ-ELD Bluetooth control button on the device itself.
  12. After you have pressed the Bluetooth control button on the device, and the LED has turned green, then press ‘OK’ on the App screen.
  13. Press the Bluetooth control button on the front of the EZ-ELD device once and release. 
  14. The LED status light will switch to green for about 40 seconds.
  15. In the App, enter the BT PIN code shown on the label of the device, or on the back cover of the User Manual. The buzzer will then sound once, meaning the pairing was successful and Bluetooth is now connected.
  16. The LED color will change to white or blue.  Blue means the phone or tablet you’re using is an Apple (iOS) device, and white means you are using an Android device.
  17. If the VIN number doesn’t match your registration you will be prompted after pairing.
  18. If your vehicle is not listed, please contact your Fleet Manager to create it and add it to your list of authorized vehicles. To synchronize with the latest vehicles created in the Back Office, you need to be connected to the internet.
  19. “Device” and “Server Status” are both green. “Device Status Green” means Bluetooth is paired and successfully connected.  “Server Status Green” means you are connected to the EZ-ELD Back office software server.
  20. Your EZ-ELD device is now connected.
  21. Next, please set up your EZ-ELD Driver account.