Roadside Inspection

How to send files during a Roadside Inspection 

So you understand what Inspectors have been told to check for during an ELD inspection, please read the CVSA Inspection Bulletin for ELD devices.

The EZ-ELD has a standard single-step process (using Telematics) so you can quickly send driver records to authorized officials during a roadside inspection.

  1. Tap the Inspector cap icon in the top right corner of the main screen.
  2. From the left side menu tap “DOT Inspection”.
  3. In the Logs screen, tap the Inspector cap icon.
  4. Choose the option you need from ON SCREEN, EMAIL, or WEBSERVICE, and tap that button to start the data transfer.
  5. If an authorized safety official provides a key phrase or code during an inspection, this should be included as a comment in the ELD record. When you choose SEND TO EMAIL or SEND TO WEBSERVICE, the EZ-ELD will allow you to enter a comment in the output file.
  6. Tap SEND to send the files.

You can transfer data to an authorized safety official in the following ways: by EMAIL, by showing ON SCREEN or by sending to WEBSERVICE.

For full instructions, including screenshots, on how to send records to authorized officials during a roadside inspection, check the ‘DOT Roadside Inspection’ section in the User Manual on page 75.