FAQs for Drivers

1. Can we use a ‘Y’ splitter extension cable?
Yes, a splitter cable will work unless the other device connected to the cable uses the same ID as the EZ-ELD. The EZ-ELD reports itself as an “On Board Recording Device” on the CAN bus. It will not work if there are other devices reporting the same ID on the CAN bus.

2. Can I install the EZ-ELD Driver App on any mobile device?
The EZ-ELD Driver app is compatible with Android devices running  Android 4.4 or higher and Apple devices running iOS 9 or higher. Please note that only smartphones & tablets with cellular connectivity are supported due to legal and technical requirements. If the device does not have a cellular modem, automatic date & time adjustments are not presented and the EZ-ELD App will not work.

3. Does the EZ-ELD work if my cell phone has multiple Bluetooth connections at the same time?
Yes, EZ-ELD has been designed to work alongside simultaneous connections to Bluetooth headsets, hands free systems and audio streaming. Please note that some older smartphones and tablets can have performance issues with multiple simultaneous Bluetooth connections due to the availability of processing resources on the handset or tablet. This can sometimes cause the Bluetooth connection to the EZ-ELD to be unstable. We would always recommend that whenever possible the EZ-ELD App runs in the foreground on your device to ensure that it has priority access to your smartphone or tablets available processing resources. 

4. How much data does EZ-ELD use?
We estimate that for 24/7 operation of one truck you will use approximately 60MB of data per month for our Hours of Service logging & vehicle tracking features. Please note that additional data usage will be required for document capture and transfer to the Back Office; this usage will depend on the size & frequency of the documents being sent.

5. Which Vehicle CAN Bus standards are compatible with the EZ-ELD?
The CAN Bus compatible standards are:

  • ISO 15765 (11 bits and 29bits versions) @250 or 500kbps
  • J1939 (29bits) @ 250 or 500kbps

In addition to CAN we also support J1708 / 1587; which has a different physical layer compared to CAN.

6. How can I check what CAN Bus protocol my vehicle has?
Connect to the EZ-ELD device via the App & log in as normal. Then from the main menu go to: Settings> About> System Status> Vehicle Status to view your Vehicle Protocol

7. Where are the volume controls for the EZ-ELD?
The EZ-ELD does not emit any sounds in normal operation, so there is no need for volume controls. However, the EZ-ELD will ‘beep’ repeatedly if the vehicle is moved without a Driver being connected via the App. In this case, the EZ-ELD will switch automatically to Driving mode and an ‘Unidentified Driver Log’ will be created.

8. How do I add a note to my daily log?

  1. In the lower left hand corner of the App tap “Previous Logs”
  2. Then select which day you would like to edit / add a note to
  3. Tap the “+” icon in the lower right hand corner of the App or, if available, the “Paper & Pen” icon
  4. You will then have the option to add a note to the event that you have either added or are editing
  5. When you are done tap “save” and you are all set

9. Can I use special characters and symbols in EZ-ELD data entry fields?
No, this is not possible due to a legal requirement necessary for exporting files to the FMCSA webserver.  The technical specification in the legislation defines acceptable characters as letters from a to z and numbers from 0 to 9; capital letters are also supported.

10. What can I do if my Android or Apple App does not automatically update?
The Google Play store and the Apple store govern when your App will be updated.  If your App is not updating, please uninstall that App and install it again.

11. Why does the EZ-ELD App automatically log my user out?
If the user is out of the Bluetooth range for more than ten minutes the App automatically disconnects and a new login is required. This is done to save battery and also to help avoid errors when drivers forget to logout but are no longer in the vehicle.

12. Why does my Vehicle Odometer not match what is shown on EZ-ELD App’s Digital Odometer?

The EZ-ELD device reads the vehicle mileage directly from the vehicles Electronic Control Module (ECM). Sometimes there can be differences in the mileage the ECM and the instrument cluster report. Possible reasons for these differences could be:

  • Possible defects in the software used to program the instrument cluster or ECM
  • Different Sensor Systems in the ECM
  • The instrument cluster has been replaced and not synced with the ECM
  • The ECM has been replaced or reprogrammed & not synced with the instrument cluster
  • The vehicles tire circumference has changed